Diya_necklace_Dipavali_Diwali_November_2013 We accept that life is a journey toward liberation. We accept that we achieve that liberation through reincarnating over and over in this world, so that we can learn our lessons, rid ourselves of our flaws, and escape the cycle at last when we have exhausted all our karma and achieved the purity of mind to realize that we are one with God. We accept these things because we believe that faith plays a crucial part in beginning a spiritual journey. Not everything can be proven, some things have to be taken on faith, based on what makes sense to us and what our foundation is. Faith can be challenged, and outlooks may grow or transform, in fact, the Gita says we need to be open to learning. So we begin with this faith and remain open to what we will learn in the days ahead.

Some of us want to be done with the endless cycle of birth and death in this very life, and want to go straight to liberation. Others want merely to live a more happy and peaceful life. Some of us are empty nesters, while others are still raising young children. But while our life stages may be different and our immediate goals may be different, what the six of us have in common is the steady desire to figure out how to make our journey easier, less stressful, and more peaceful on a day to day basis.

I invite you to join us as we study, struggle, stumble and come to our own understanding of what can help us move forward. I hope that you will contribute to the discussion with your comments, and that perhaps you will find some of it useful. Please click on the follow button and subscribe via email so that you will receive the latest blog entries as they are posted.


1 Response to Purpose

  1. Damayanthi says:

    Even though started the same time along with you people, being on the other side of the globe, I can’t participate in your discussions. But I am thoroughly enjoying and would love to contribute my understanding and thoughts.

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